Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oh come all ye faithful

Hey what's up? I like your hair.

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Long hiatus from monster hunter. Apparently this thing called life takes priority.

Anyways, totes back into the game now. With the recent release of the "new" monster hunter for the 3ds, I decided to get back into the groove of writing and making videos about killing shit. I say "new" because its not really new. I say really because I want to emphasize my point. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is just portable 3rd + tri. But hey, that's cool. Now I get to play all of the content on one game. Can't wait for my friends to join in on the fun. Oh wait, they don't have 3DSs (3ds's? whatever, fuck you). I will continue to wonder why capcom will not release this game on the ps3. But I digress.....

 Due to my lack social interaction with other people, I've just been working through the village quests atm. They're not too bad for someone who has played previous MHs. Although, I remember the old days when a yian kutku was the most annoying monster I had the pleasure of dying multiple times to.

I don't have any snazzy videos to post as recording a 3DS is much more difficult than one would think. Once I come up with a good way to do it, you'll see em here!

I was thinking about putting together a local guild for Hawaii hunters. Have weekly/monthly meet ups and do little challenges on who can kill X monster the fastest. Sounds like it would be fun yes?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A couple of bearz

I have made it into the high rank quests finally. The first quest me and a few friends decided to do was the double Aoashira. It really sucks that anything this bear drops, is total crap. The armor, useless; the weapons, again, useless (for long sword anyway). For those that don't know, it looks like this:
Well not exactly, but pretty close lulz. I unfortunately don't have a video of it but I will go into riveting detail about it.

TL;DR = Two Aoashira > Quest complete.

Long version = Two Aoashira, both would not separate for like 10 minutes, as soon as they did, killed 1, captured the other. Quest complete.

I have made it a personal goal to get a vid of every single monster within the game. So, maybe this week I can get one or two up.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to Tigrex!

Alas! I have recorded a new video to show you all. I wasn't too motivated at the beginning of tonight to actually record one but after seeing a few MH vids, I just had to. Not to mention, I actually got what I needed to complete the set!

Tigrex made its debut in back in 2007 with Monster Hunter Freedom 2. Although, he fights a bit differently than he did back in those days. It is of course with one of the more famous (or infamous depending on your relationship with the striped wyvern) monsters within the world of Monster Hunter. The big bad Tigrex!

THE STRAT for Long Sword (and this might go for a bunch of other weapons too)
So basically, just dodge and attack it when you see an opening. Easy right? Funny thing is, that IS all you need to do :P. The video goes more in-depth and you can actually see the things you should watch for. All in all though, Tigrex is a pretty easy fight.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Migration to Blogger and render times

Just a quick post about my move to Blogger from my own Wordpress server.

I moved to Blogger.

I actually did get around to making a new video, but, render times are absolutely ridiculous. I'm thinking its related to some codec. Anyways, once this finishes, I can upload it to YouTube.

Another day another dollah

The events that follow actually happened a few days ago. Whatchu know about past tense?
Anyways, I actually hit HR 4 a few days ago. Its not a very difficult thing to do but it sure is a milestone for any hunter. It marks the day of graduating into the big boy quests and things definitely start to get more interesting. Better weapons, better armor, bigger and smarter bosses; sounds like a good time if you ask me.
Pic related, but not me :P
Pic very related, but not me :P
I haven't done any guild quests for HR 4 as of yet. I usually like to wait for my group of friends to catch up; which involves running the urgent quest like 10 times. If you didn't know, one of the semi-annoying things about MH is that every person has to post their own urgent in order to rank up. Don't get me started on how many times we fail urgent quests. Perseverance is key.
A quick note about the guild quests up to HR 4, anything you can kill in the village quests, you can kill in the guild. Granted, bosses do hit a bit harder and have higher health pools but not to the point where its absolutely necessary to have a group.
I don't have a video to post today unfortunately, however, I'll probably get one ready to go by next week.

How to Jinouga!

Here is a video of me killing a Jinouga in the village quests. He was an absolute biotch the first 10 attempts (all resulting in failure). However, once I finally killed him, it was such a liberating feeling. Anyways, here is aforementioned video. There are annotations in the video to help understand what is going on (READ: TIPS)!

Start of a new journey

Well not really a journey but a pretty kickass game. Not really a start either since I'm about half way through already. WHATEVS!
Hello to one and all, I am known as the great Basik (that's pronounced bay-sick). I have been playing the Monster Hunter series since the first psp version of the game. Although, I didn't know what I was doing until Freedom 2 was released.
Anyways, this is just a blog for me to say my 2 cents about the world of Monster Hunter. Maybe some advice here and there too for the noobs.