Monday, February 14, 2011

Another day another dollah

The events that follow actually happened a few days ago. Whatchu know about past tense?
Anyways, I actually hit HR 4 a few days ago. Its not a very difficult thing to do but it sure is a milestone for any hunter. It marks the day of graduating into the big boy quests and things definitely start to get more interesting. Better weapons, better armor, bigger and smarter bosses; sounds like a good time if you ask me.
Pic related, but not me :P
Pic very related, but not me :P
I haven't done any guild quests for HR 4 as of yet. I usually like to wait for my group of friends to catch up; which involves running the urgent quest like 10 times. If you didn't know, one of the semi-annoying things about MH is that every person has to post their own urgent in order to rank up. Don't get me started on how many times we fail urgent quests. Perseverance is key.
A quick note about the guild quests up to HR 4, anything you can kill in the village quests, you can kill in the guild. Granted, bosses do hit a bit harder and have higher health pools but not to the point where its absolutely necessary to have a group.
I don't have a video to post today unfortunately, however, I'll probably get one ready to go by next week.

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