Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oh come all ye faithful

Hey what's up? I like your hair.

Badass Rathalos - Artist
Long hiatus from monster hunter. Apparently this thing called life takes priority.

Anyways, totes back into the game now. With the recent release of the "new" monster hunter for the 3ds, I decided to get back into the groove of writing and making videos about killing shit. I say "new" because its not really new. I say really because I want to emphasize my point. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is just portable 3rd + tri. But hey, that's cool. Now I get to play all of the content on one game. Can't wait for my friends to join in on the fun. Oh wait, they don't have 3DSs (3ds's? whatever, fuck you). I will continue to wonder why capcom will not release this game on the ps3. But I digress.....

 Due to my lack social interaction with other people, I've just been working through the village quests atm. They're not too bad for someone who has played previous MHs. Although, I remember the old days when a yian kutku was the most annoying monster I had the pleasure of dying multiple times to.

I don't have any snazzy videos to post as recording a 3DS is much more difficult than one would think. Once I come up with a good way to do it, you'll see em here!

I was thinking about putting together a local guild for Hawaii hunters. Have weekly/monthly meet ups and do little challenges on who can kill X monster the fastest. Sounds like it would be fun yes?

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