Monday, February 14, 2011

Migration to Blogger and render times

Just a quick post about my move to Blogger from my own Wordpress server.

I moved to Blogger.

I actually did get around to making a new video, but, render times are absolutely ridiculous. I'm thinking its related to some codec. Anyways, once this finishes, I can upload it to YouTube.


  1. While I do like having complete control over my web content, I don't have to worry about my web server (old laptop) going down! Plus, blogger has an easier to remember subdomain than what I was previously using.

  2. encoing video's :P oh so much fun, i have two hours of gamign last night still going.. damn old pc... all my good hardware is in the shop after it overheated ><

  3. I once used Wordpress in the past, but that was years ago.

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